Busty Bria: Blind Date

Take months without having sex, I am not of those who seek it and now, for me has to be love. But at that time I had no boyfriend and she was in love. My friends were alarmed that she was single and I told them I wanted nothing but the armed them into accepting to go to a blind date organized. I did not want a relationship, my life now had no time. But today, I do not know what was wrong. I was just going there for a purpose: sex. I thought the guy was going to expect the same, or at least what my clothing suggested: A tight black minidress, no bra or panties, which marked my nipples and highlighted my big butt. But the man did not stop talking the whole dinner. I neither listened, hearing only the sound of his words hovering around me. I did not even looking at him, but it was exchanging glances with a slightly older man, about 32 years old, dark skin and hair, wearing a suit and tie under which shows it hard hours daily gym. I was so hot that even recognize me, I wanted to have someone inside me.Hey, I'm tired. I go, if you do not import the monologue I interrupted my companion, I left my money on the table and headed for the elevator. Brown two tables later followed. He had caught my signs. Before the elevator doors were closed and we were kissing passionately. I unbuttoned his pants and he hugged me from behind while I dress up a few centimeters. He penetrated me grabbing the hair of the head, while the elevator fogged mirror. I entered again, each stronger than the last onslaught. When I noticed that he was going to run, I went down and licked the tip to leave his cum in my mouth. It was delicious. And clean, buttoned zipper, stuck a finger inside me, I tasted my juice and put the dress in time for when the doors opened. A couple with a baby asleep entered the elevator, greeting us with the best smile. No goodbye we went every man for himself. That unknown

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Natilee Belle: My First Update 6/30/15

A lot of models say that your first month is full of ups and downs, but I'm still waiting on my ups. I'm ready to meet some people and hopefully we can build a relationship here. I want to have private shows where my men and women feel safe, it could be our own little vault. Im very excited to see what's in store but I'll be patiently waiting. Until then, I'll be making a few videos to load up by next week and adding some things to my wishlist. Can't wait to meet you! Xoxo

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Charlee Chase: Wild Ride

So far, 2015 has been quite the wild ride! I started out the year super sick, taking one of my kiddos to the hospital, it's literally been one thing after another. Then found out we qualified (after 2 long years of busting our asses) to buy a home. This would be my first ever home purchase and all I knew is it's supposed to be a major pain in the ass and it's going to take along time, often several months. Great. With a schedule as busy as mine usually is, I wasn't looking forward to months of annoyances, but sometimes life just is what it is. Well, turned out to be the exact opposite of everything I'd ever heard. Looked at several houses one day. Blah. Looked at several more houses the next day and put in a bid on one. It was accepted. Within 30 days, we were packed and moving into the new house. Since the Master bedroom is TINY ... (wouldn't even fit the furniture), we turned the "family room" into the Master bedroom. Since it was just a room before, it had no closet, so we hired contractors to build a walk-in closet. THAT TOOK FOREVER!!! It was a full month in waiting for permits and all the crap, but once the permit got puled, several days of guys in and out and the closet was complete. SO, I am building the inside part of the closet day by day, and I'm making it my own. Now that I finally have my own home, and I have a closet, I'm finally unable to unpack and get back to my normal crazy busy schedule and I'm looking forward to spending some of that crazy schedule here with you!

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Kassy K: Totally out of the Loop!

Sorry everyone! I've been gone forever! If you've been following along, I had been taking care of my mother since July - I am still taking care of her, but other life things have happened! I just moved into a new house about a month and a half ago, and I just gave birth to a baby boy about a week after moving! I conceived whilst on the pill, which was interesting enough, but I was also supposed to be sterile! So that was a shock to everyone involved (haha) - As much as people would object to camming as a mother - I still love showing off for all of you! I still have another two-ish weeks before I can put anything in my pussy, and god I miss it - but that means it'll be all that much tighter for everyone! Almost like I'm brand new! I have a few more toys that I've ato my collection as well! Ben-wa balls (which are supposed to make me tighter than sual, so I'm not sure if that means I'll just suffocate anyone's dick that I get), anal beads, a new bullet vibe, and a few other small things - I just have to find the box that has most of the stuff - I have a breast pump too, which isn't supposed to be for anything fun, but it still is!

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Sierra Lovington: Loving It!!!

Really having a great time doing these cam shows. I have met some really nice people, some a little nicer than others but still, they make my day. This for me has been an incredibly huge confidence builder. I think all women are beautiful, and If they just had a little more confidence they will go far. Confidence and communication are the skills needed to become successful in everything you do. I feel so amazing about myself, and to have others remind you of your beauty is such an amazing feeling. I feel so honored to be blessed with such a sunny disposition and have the strength and courage to be able to do this. When I do private shows it really excites me. I love getting to show off and get personal with my fans. Virtual Sex with a stranger is really thrilling.It excites me to no end... I love using my toys, and showing my new found ability to squirt.

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Xana Star: Fun Friday Night in Xana-land

Hello Naughty chatters! We did so many sexy shows tonight! Started out with hot strip tease action and some dirty talking.. next up we added some toy licking, sucking, fucking and spitting.. Made that toy all nice and juicy wet ready to be inserted. We paused for a bit for some ultra sexy booty bouncing, twerking and grinding this big bubble but in your lap till you were nice and solid. Once we got your cock properly rock hard, I stripped completely nude, hopped on top of that veiny muscle and rode it like a cow girl. In between all the fun, we got the big DDD tits all greasy and oily with a combination of baby oil and lotion. I worked it in till I was nice and glistening and it was dripping down to my sweet tight pussy. I hopped back on top and fucked my phat dong til i came hard and made it all creamy wet. We ended with another hot show that was a little of everything in a span of 5 min. Tits, titty fucking, blow job, pussy show, ass bouncing, pussy spread, bent over and let you let you pund me doggy style. It was amazing!!! Don't miss the best pregnant action on F4F. Get ready for tomorrow 1-5pm MST!! Follow me on twitter for the latest pics and news! xanastar28Love you guys, GN :)Xana

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Railynn Storme: Fantasy 401

I have always wanted to engage in a threesome. A man and another woman preferably. I want to explore and have either a white man or a Latino fuck the shit out of my ass while another woman, preferably white suck and lick on my clit. I have this vision of her sitting on his face while I am riding his cock cowgirl tongue kissing and sucking on her sweet face and big pink perky nipples. Oh, but that's not all, I want to push her head down and make her suffocate on my pussy lips while big Papi inches his dick in and out my mouth until I cough and spit up clear white sweet saliva. Pretty soon I am climaxing and squirting in her sweet warm mouth while im taking his dick inch and gagging it. Close to the end he nutts all over my face and all over her ass tits and face. Me and sweet angel kiss, mouth full of cum, then he kisses us both and spits back his cum both in my mouth and hers. Afterwards he slaps my ass and tells me to leave. I don't feel disrespected, as I know my slutty place as a dirty whore and leave satisfied.

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Jeslyn Rain: New Experiences

I started my Flirt4Freee journey yesterday. I am doing my best to put out as much (((Positive Energy))) as I can. My passion is sharing my methods of Manifesting Intentions with Sexual Energy. I believe the Sensuality, Sexuality & Spiritualty are Harmonious. All of my friends and family know that I follow my Inner Guidance in every area of my life...For example: I ask my Inner Guidance to help me make the best choices that will lead me closer and closer to my Blessings that I'm wanting in my life. I might ask for guidance in choosing what I eat, what I wear, which streets to take, which appointments to make... Literally any and everything. Including making the decision to Have the Flirt4Free experience. I am allowing myself to be guided every step of the way in everything I do, while I'm performing here. I'm happy, excited, nervous, thankful and a little overwhelmed. Because I have never been on an adult sight before. Since the Men can be very demanding, I am allowing time for more Men who are a vibrational match to find my energy. In the interim, I will stay positive and visualize the outcome I want to experience. I'm going to continue to practice Masturbation Manifesting and keep you posted on my Exciting Flirt4Free journey. I'm sending you (((Love & Light))) ~NAMASTE~

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