Sallome Rose: What Makes Me Unique

I think differently most people I know, I apply logic, reason and emotional aspects in equal proportion to the solution of problems. I have an unusual amount of intuition when it comes to people, I am able to figure out motivations and intentions with a high rate of accuracy. Even with people whom I've had very little interaction with. I don't fit stereotypes very well. I'm often the odd one out in a group. I surprise people often with my reactions and perspectives. I love to read and have the ability to absorb and apply abstract principles, and transfer these points of learning to other fields and applications, which I'm told is a relatively rare ability. I love being different and surprising and not fitting stereotypes. I'm rather pleased to be me. I have a great self esteem and good confidence which makes me willing to seek out and accept challenges which I may not appear to be able to deliver on initially. I'm not afraid of failure. In fact I think it is an essential part of the experimental process that gets you to success. This is why I'm unique. Do I sound arrogant? Or just self aware? I really would want to know how you are unique as an individual. .. a sarcastic or amusing answer just tells me that you aren't very self aware. The more self aware a person is, the easier it is for me to say "let's look at the events, can you see where things went wrong? If you could, how would you change things? What would you do differently?"

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Mackenzie Kors: Camvirgin

I am not usually the crazy sexual type but when I get comfortable that is when I am able to be the most open. It hard to imagine that individuals make a living off of pleasing other over the internet. After evaluating the aspect of this career, it definitely is harder than is seems. I will try my best to please costumers as much as I can as well as being satisfied myself. I have never explored myself sexually through the internet and that very fact I will be meeting new, intriguing people that I can show myself too is very exciting. -Kenzie loveps.sleep well

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Scarlet Hart: Qualities I Look for in Men and Women:

I have a fetish for older gentlemen, because most have there shit together, more life experiences, more sexual experiences, more confidence, no or less drama, goals, drive, motivation and intelligence. I also love anybody who is kind, has a great sense of humor and a wonderful personality. I love women but man, women can be tricky!! I love my ladies strong minded, tough, confident, intelligent, great sense of humor, great personality and loyal. Chill out. Be positive. Think positive. Believe in yourself and hold your head up high! Of course looks are important! If you're not physically attracted to somebody, there are issues or issues will develop. But personality is more important to me than anything. You could be the most gorgeous female or male, but if you have an ugly heart, you're ugly. I like the beautiful people with beautiful souls and beautiful minds. Live. Learn. Laugh. Love. :D smile!!!

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Ava Kay: Ava Smut One Shot~

The street lights glistened as Ava road in her car to the crime scene. As a detective it was her responsibility to see everything she needed to see about this crime. She pulled up to the scene in her 1967 Alfa Romeo Tipo, only to find a car already there, it was her long admired crush and his brother. Opening the door to her car slowly trying to fight of the blush on her face. Nearing the scene she took out her notebook and pen, though she should be taking detective note on the clues, Ava started to doodle the smut she couldn't stop thinking about. She glanced over at the tall and beautiful man whom she admired so much, imagining all the things she wanted him to do to her.Ava was lost in her thoughts and doodles she didn't notice that the man had come up behind her, peeking over her shoulder at the smut on the note book. He smirked and ran his fingers through his long dark brown hair before tapping her on the shoulder."Interesting notes, what do you think happened here?" Ava shivered and glanced back at him. Surprised and mortified, yet oddly aroused by the shock of him seeing her doodles, she decided to explain them."Ah, I'm sorry these are not notes, I was just thinking about some things. I really like bdsm, and I guess I'm not really with the job today if you know what I mean."She blushed and tried to seem calm and collected when talking about the subject. He crush just smirked and nodded stating she should look at the body and sharing his notes with her.Ava found herself unable to stop picturing the mans hands around her waist, or on her hips. The hole car ride home she was getting wet just thinking about all the things that man could do to her. Once she pulled into her driveway she let out a sigh of sexual frustration. She still had work to do.She sat down at her desk at home and started reading over the notes and attempted to focus on solving the crime. Meanwhile her mind wandered, She imagined her crush grinding his hips into hers, making love as rough as he pleased. She slipped her fingers up her tight skirt, rotating her fingers around imagining the mans cock deep inside her pussy. Moaning and screaming her fantasies until she wet herself. The next day she decided to hit up a bar to talk to the locals about the case. Ava walked into the bar and wandered around to the locals, asking them routine questions when she saw a busty blond hourglass stripper talking to the man she admired. Clenching up with jealous rage, she couldn't help but imagine him running his fingers against the girls smooth skin. Her mind wandered deeper imagining him pouring hot wax on the stripper's peachy ass. Ava would give anything to be his sex slave, though her dreams seemed distant, she let out a sigh and attempted to distract herself from the idea. The mans brother wandered over and began to talk to Ava about the case.However, when Ava got home that night, the man she admired appeared behind her from the shadows and fervently caressed her round smooth boobs with his hungry hands, before dragging her into the bedroom where he slammed her against the wall and began to fuck her. Biting her neck, spanking her ass, pulling her hair, and nipping her nipples. She was loving every minute of this moment. He continued on a journey of blind-folding, gagging, handcuffing and passionate wax play.Ava started to fight back, testing how far she could push her master. With a mischievous smirk she tries to blind-fold him one night. Furious, the man takes Ava to his dungeon where he pounds her with his dick deep inside her pussy and then orders her to eat from a bowl on the floor.The mans desires grew darker still, he reveals that he has a very special task in mind for Ava, involving a blindfold, which he whips out with a look of pure glee. Ava studies its bold wording and artificial texture with trepidation - is that polyester? She looks into the mans intense, green eyes and shudders.

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Stelle: 15

Today my morning started with the hard and rough sex with my lover .... it suddenly came to me but it was a pleasant surprise ... and a threshold of the house began passionately kissing me and pull off my nightgown mmmmmm he took me hard and strong even without wetting my pussy .... he fucked me again and again to make me strong orgasm after sex, I was grateful to him and gave him a deep and passionate blowjob cum swallowing his sweet mmmmmm then he fuck me again....mmm that was perfect morning when he finally lick my small and tiny cunt mmmm

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Holly Divine: My Favorite Sex Toys.

I have many sex toys, and I love them all for different reasons! My glass anal toy is probably one of my favorites. It is so smooth and warms to body temperature so smoothly. It has a small end and a larger one. The small side is great for just starting to play, it glides in so smooth and feels good. The larger end is much better once I'm warmed up! It can stretch my tight little self to about 2" around, at its largest point. It feels so good just gliding this in and out!Another one of my favorites is my small little pocket vibrator. It is so fun to play with when I rub it all over my clit. It makes me so wet and feels amazing. It feels especially amazing when I am getting fucked in the ass!I have a set of medium sided purple anal beads. I love playing with them and popping each bead in and out. Sometimes I can even get them all the way in. I love them because they start so small and grow so gradually that they are very comfortable to play with.I have a few more different ones as well... more to tell in the future! I love playing with them so often...

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Sienna Foxxx: Describe Your Favorite Day of the Week and What Your Typical Day Entails.

My favorite day of the week is Saturday. I love Saturdays because that's the only day of the week that I have to myself to relax. I also love Saturdays because I will be able to talk to all the sexy, and horny men that make me so happy. What I do on Saturdays, is sleep until 10, then I usually take a nice bubble bath with candles all around me with a little jazz, sometimes a little R&B to soothe my nerves and relax. Then after I'm done, cook myself some breakfast with a nice cup of coffee. I love my coffee with 2% milk and a French Vanilla syrup with two spoonfuls of sugar. Then relax outside on my patio, just to hear the birds chirp. After I'm done with my breakfast and coffee, I would go get dressed and study for class for about two hours. Then, what I am going to add to my schedule on Saturdays, is to talk to the sexy men online. Usually at night, I have a cup of wine to sip on. My favorite is Riunite Lambrusco, I love red wine. Scary movie, or even have one of my girl friends come over and we talk about life then pass out on the couch.

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Mary Summers: Hi !

Hello there ! i want to say hello for the first time on my blog and i would like to thank you for the opportunity to be here with you , sharing all your craziest thoughts and i must say that i really enjoy spending my time with you ! So i send for each one of you that is following me and read this a big KISS and a sweet hug :d hope you sent it back live :D just kidding :D so for my first day here on my blog i think it's appropriate to let you discover me , my wishes , personality and all you want to know about me in the near future or if you can't be that patience just join my room and let's know each other .. Kisses again and hope you come to visit me :D

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Mila Karma: Why Are My Fans…..

so disconnected from my shows>I feel I look good and feel even if non members are reaching out .. I go above to make them part of my sexy parade......of 70 guess .. 1 tips on average per hour - this is not helping my stay sexy for everyone .. I get sorta sad and it affects the quality of my shows.I need everyone to help me make this a great experience for All of us .. no work is easy - but one hand can make a world of difference.II feek blessed for the few fans I have .. Thanks Team

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Cocoa Rayne: What I've Been Up To…

Good evening my luvs! I know you've there may have been a fuss about "where the heck is Cocoa?!" but I assure you its for a good reason. I have ran into a few family crisis, personal goals being set into play and emotional set backs everywhere! I'm just trying to find a balance so that once I do come back to working as a cam girl I can be the best flirt I've ever been ;-)Have you ever just had days where you jut didn't seem quite like yourself no matter what you did, no matter who was around or where you were? That's me luvs... I just hope I can shake this dark cloud off before school starts... Oh! I forgot to mention, I start beauty school Oct. 26th this year!! Yaay! finally decided to get my license as a professional cosmetologist. I know you've missed me, and trust me I've missed being a flirt ;-)Just be patient and don't forget to view my VODS if you ever need a reminder of Cocoa Rayne. :-*

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