Mandi Snow: Mmmm, Baby…

This job is just're all making me so horny. I don't know what I'll do if I don't get laid soon. lol I love it though!!! That means more titties and wet pussy for youuu! ;) I hope you enjoy my new photos...some may take a day or two to be approved. Want something naughtier? Check out my fan club!!!

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Carmel Candy: Princessloyal

What turns me own about my dildo is that Its big and hard. Also I love to rub it all in my mouth. .*****If I can be a guest on a television show It Would be Love & Hip Hop Of Atlanta or Hollywood. Why because I feel everyone would like me on the show. Also I have a great wild exciting personality.

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Missy Longview: Seriously!

I love technology! No, that was actually totally sarcastic. Where oh where is my new webcam?! Still no sign of it. I think I'm going to have to cancel and reorder. Icing on the cake? My computer has decided to be an ass. Blah! Like, the battery doesn't seem to be charging even though the sucker is plugged in and says it's charging. Of course, all I can do is laugh about the whole situation. Honestly, it's like Murphy's Law in overdrive. And besides laughing, times like these call for some big O time. There really is nothing like a good orgasm to releave stress. I like all kinds, but this calls for the ones that leave me so spent that I can't even be touched for a while after.So I'm off for now. Headed to a steamy tub with a lusciously scented bath bomb and a fully charged vibe to screw away all the negative.

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Nikki Shiloh: Im Still Here!!

Just been busy moving to a different city- taking a break from all the hustle and bustle of Toronto;) So I'm sorry I haven't been on as of late, but I'm getting to know my schedule a bit more now and could have a few hours here and there during the day next week hopefully. Plus with all the new flirt prizes I'm thinking would be a good time to hop on more. Kisses 4 u xoxo See u soon ~Nikki

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