Nikki Blonde: Not Again…

He leaves alone on the bed and walks out of the room. I stare at the ceiling totally engulfed by this feeling. My body is tingling and it's as if I can feel him taking over me. It feels like fire is raging through my veins and my pussy throbs with and screams with a hunger that I can't satisfy. My throat is dry and all I want is the taste of his tongue, and to swallow his cum....I lay here consumed by this man who just left me alone in this condition.....Thoughts of him pounding my pussy and riding his cock are interrupted by the sound of water.Hmmm nice...He's running me a bath.....He walks in the bedroom and I close my eyes. I feel him hovering over me and he gently touches my ankles with one finger slowly drawing an invisible line all the way up my leg.My pussy is so god damn hot and aches with desire as his finger lightly touches my pussy lips right up the center. My pussy lips spread open like a flower as his finger dances on my clit and I open my legs wide for him hoping he gives me at the least his finger. This man is holding me down with one finger and I'm consumed completely. His finger glides around my clit and he licks my juices off his fingertip. He reaches back down and slides that magical finger right in my soaking wet pussy! I moan with pleasure fuck I want to cum! He slowly pulls out his finger and says "stick out your tongue". His finger meets my tongue and I wrap my lips around it and suck my pussy juices completely off .MMmmm ...I taste good. He pulls his finger out of my mouth and scoops me up and carries me to the bathtub.....He puts me in the tub and he caresses my body with soap and a sponge making sure not to miss a spot. The lather all over my body feels amazing my nipples are hard and begging for him to suck on them. My pussy is swollen and hot and then i feel his lips on my clit and his warm hot tongue spreading my pussy lips for his finger to slide in. Fuck! I can't take this anymore....I lean back hoping he'll let me cum. His tongue is dancing all over my pussy lips and clit while he finger fucks me hard! I moan and call out his name and he whispers in my ear "I haven't even started yet". Fuck!......

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Dark Kitten: Happy One Week Anniversary!

So when I got on cam a few hours ago, I was able to celebrate my one week anniversary of being on F4F! I must say, it's been quite the adventurous week! I've met lots of wonderful people, learned lots of new things about others as well as myself, and have been able to really get in touch with my naughty side. Thank you all my new and loyal customers who've made this experience so amazing, and hello to all those new people checking me out! Hope I get to meet you real soon. ;)Don't forget to follow my Twitter and Instagram pages! I post on Twitter often with sneak peaks of what's to come in my shows, what days and times I'll be on, and sometimes a random little dirty thought. I hope to create a large following and increase the amount of hours I spend on here so I can have more time to play with everyone.Until next time, much love and big boob hugs from your plus size princess!

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Lucy Lynxx: Webcam Newbie Xd

Last night was my first live webcam broadcast. To my surprise, I was greeted by a bunch of awesome people. I had to admit, I was super nervous at first! lol. But as time progressed, I learned quite a few things from customers, such as who are guest, regular users, a straight up weirdo, how to work my messaging. OMG I'm such a newb!! ahh. Anyways, looking back I loved each and every comments sent to my chat room. Some were funny, unique, and some "ahhh ok" lmfao. Thank you all for such a welcoming "first time" login, if that how you would call it. And, of course, a big thumbs up for those who tipped and sent me to a private show (ahem YOU know how you are, *whatever hugs tehe jkn). I shall SEEEE you SOOONxoxo,Lucy Lynxx

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Ria Mayze: Bringing Sexy Back!!

What a great time to cum back full time! I took a hiatus from camming, but I am now back and chatting daily! With no set schedule, but throughout my day I will logon to be available to you lovelies! I'll do my best to keep my photos up to date, and will be seeking multiple fun ways to excite you.Stay Tuned!!

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Summer Blu: First Blog Entry!

Oh boy, I feel like a little girl with a diary..A diary that... Thousands of men read.. Hehehe. I probably shouldn't talk about my black lacey undies or intense vibrating wand. I was never really good with rules, however.Well, I'm just kinda dipping my toes in the water with the blog function right now. Once I create more of a "base" for myself on this site plan to see more of these.Until then,xoxo North

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Maliah Damon: Recovery

Hi my friends! I am now 5 days post surgery and still unable to get on line! I am still recovering from it all. The surgery went well, and I am doing fine. Very sore and unable to move my arms a lot. Which makes it hard to work :( Doctors visit today went well! :) please feel free to send me emails and call me on my flirt phone at any time! Would love to talk. I'm hoping to be back on line by the middle of next week. Thank you all for the well wishes and concerns! ♡♡Maliah

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