Cadence Rae: Heels = Soul

What would a woman be without her heels? I can tell you the answer for sure: "INEXISTENT"! Men were the first sex to don the shoe. They were adopted by the European aristocracy of the 1600s as a signal of status. The logic was: only someone who didn't have to work could possibly go around in such impractical footwear. So, how did a manly thing turned into an iconic symbol of feminism? Well, women started wearing heels as a way of trying to appropriate masculine power. So, even women choosing their fashion items represented a challenge in the past. But let's return to the present. Nowadays, almost every woman on the globe owns at least one pair of beautiful, feminine shoes. Everywhere you go, you see endless options, adequate to all types of women. But have you ever wandered what is the main factor that makes a woman choose a certain shoe? Of course, except for how well it fits, the way it makes your precious, lusty legs look like. I can tell you the answer: your personality. Feeling confused? Well, let me help you! You probably have seen me wear heels before. If not, don't worry, you can take your chance almost every day. What do you think the shoes in the picture above say about me? Long, sharp heels, black leather, a lost galaxy printed on a black sky and a violet platform. These elements create an erotic symphony of beautiful, long lengs but it's not just that. There's always a story behind. My personality is a controversial one. Like the black leather mentioned above, I am a simple but classy person. Keeping it simple is always the easier way to handle things. But, if you look closely, you can see tiny sparkles. These little aspects show how special I trully and unique I am. It represents all that's good inside of me. The violet platform represents my sexuality. It's a steaming hot call in the night: "Come and take me now!" I keep in touch with my naughty side, making sure to improve myself over and over again. And I bet you know how it's done, right? *wink, wink*.

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Lucy Valentine: Who's a Bigger Freak? Me? or You?

Whenever anyone enters a relationship, the game of "Who's a bigger freak, me or you?" begins.It isn't something that is actually played, or said, but every day, every date, and every instance of any kind of sexual encounter paves the way to this unasked question.Don't think you know what I'm talking about? You do. Just imagine any time you've been in a new relationship and you are still feeling your partner out, sexually that is.Eventually the two of you get to a comfortable zone. There's sex. Good sex, comfortable sex. Now, here comes the game: Will she be down for some doggy-style? Some hair pulling? Maybe some slapping or some anal...? Will he mind if I stick a finger in his ass? Or how do I tell him I'd really like to try a threesome? You move slowly and cautiously, you move to quickly and you'll scare them off, maybe, or maybe not, but you have no way of knowing that, not yet.With each escalating approved sexually act you are coming closer and closer to the final answer to "Who's a bigger freak?"Ideally there wouldn't be a winner in the game. You'd really win if neither of you were a bigger freak than the other, but this rarely happens. What ends up happening is either someone suggests something the other isn't down with and they "win" the game, but now that unaccepted sexual suggestion swirls around the two of you for the rest of the relationship.Or, you learn enough about your partner to know what is off limits and you bottle up that now suppressed sexual desire and you win the game of being the biggest freak, but ultimately lose in the game of getting off.I found I have always "won" the title of the biggest freak. Until webcam. I am NOT the biggest freak, YOU are, you win, take it, I don't want it. Jeezus there are some fuhcking-freaks out there. But, I'll save that for another day.

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Misstress Alexya: You Better Stay Close

If you're addicted, inlove, or simply like me a lot, u would have to make sure u stay close, that u know when i come online, u follow me and u make sure u serve me, at least u do your best, then i'll consider to keep u on my good boy's list. I will add my good boys on a list and i will reward best of them. Be aware, im addictive and im not joking around. you might become obbsessed with seeing me. I want to have a best boy top list! Soon im going to make you feel privileged to get to be in my presence.

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October Leigh: Perfect Strangers

If love would have a sound, you would hear it from me. The sound of my breathing, the sound of my pleasure, the sound of infinite touches. The sexual tension would rise in the air, sparkly like champaigne. I wanna make love with your existence. How do we get to that point where there is no return? How do we realize we wanna get lost in each other? How do we know we're the perfect strangers in that moment?Everything starts innocent. It's just small talk, nothing special. Questions like "What age are you" or "Where do you live?" seem to be the start of a controversial beginning. It seems like nothing interesting is gonna happen. But, after some meaningless talk, lips touch for the first time. Everything gets more interesting all of the sudden. You want more. More talk, more touches, more lips uniting in a beautiful, bountyful kiss. After some point, you get what you secretly wish. What's happening deep inside you? What's with this lust for approach from a stranger? Because that's what he is to you for now. Even though your mom told you not to trust strangers, you cannot help but want more. It may seem wrong but it feels so right... There it goes! A new round of kissing and touching has begun. You noticed they're getting hungrier and more powerful. This is the moment you realize you're hungry... "MORE! MORE!" screams the monster inside you. "Wanna get out of here?" Your heart is trembling. You're a bit unsure, scared but still you mumble "Sure, why not?". Faster than you know it, you're in an unknown place, with a complete stranger that is obsessively pouring out wine in your glass. The overwhelming effect of alcohol starts kicking in and suddenly, your vision about this encounter isn't blurry anymore. You want him. He wants you.You start undressing slowly in front of him. You told him not to turn off the lights. You want him to see you. Beautiful, bold and drunk. You sit into his lap and start kissing him like it's your last day on earth. He surrenders and starts worshiping your body. This cannot be stopped anymore. You're both naked, stare into each other's eyes and you realize that this is it. This is the moment when you're gonna unleash your sexual tension upon him. You pull him on the bed, unzip his jeans and start blowing him. He puts his hands on your head, pushing you harder and harder. He's had enough of that and grabs your body, ready for the penetration. "What a wild fellow we have here". He starts taking you from the back, pushing harder and harder. You're both losing your breath but still, you wanna remain silent. After a while, you cannot take it anymore. You start to scream. This is the sound of love between perfect strangers. You know nothing about each other. You have no feelings regarding this man. But yet, you two are fucking like you were together since highschool. The chemistry has come to an end. He finishes on you and it's done. He offered you soft kiss on your forehead and he's gone for a shower. This is the time you get dressed and run out of his apartment. You left behind a note "We were perfect strangers and there is nothing more beautiful than that"...

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Daisy Logue: How I Became the Woman I Am Today

I used to be a shy and innocent kiddo in highschool. No one really wanted to be my friend, no guy thought I was hot or something like that. I was feeling kind of down at some point. My parents were pretty worried that I was always indoors, and nobody else except my teachers called to contact me. I was frequently crying and feeling dissapointed. It was the loneliest time of my life. But oh boy, things were about to change in my senior year. One day, I was sitting in front of my highschool, reading a magazine. All those celebs made me wish that I could be just like them. Out of nowhere, a crazy looking girl came and sat just beside me. "I see you're into celebs. I think they're crap". I was pretty disturbed. "I...I think they are pretty cool", came out of my mouth. "Think what you want. I'm more into real people", she said with a smirk. "You should go out with me and my pals. See how the real people are. We're going out tonight to grab a beer. Sooo, wanna join?". Without much thinking, I said "Yes".I was in this bikers bar in our city. I was sitting with the girl from earlier and with another two guys. She bought me a beer, took a few sips and instantly got drunk. The guy in front of me was hot as fuck. He looked at me a few times with interest. Was I appealing for him? After a few time, the girl decided we should go for a ride... on freaking motorbikes! The guys agreed so we got out of the bar. The hot guy said to me: "Put this on and hold as tight as you can, ok?". I approved and got on the motorcycle.The wind was so warm and everything felt eliberating. The sunset was amazing, everything felt... perfect. We suddenly stopped near a forest. It sounds like a horror movie, but I was so content (or maybe too drunk) I din't even care why. The girl and the other biker said "Brb" and disappeared in the forest, holding just a blanket. I knew what was going to happen between them. I've only seen it in the movies, read about it in magazines but I knew they were going to have sex. "But why am I here, alone with this guy?".He looked delightful. I wanted him so, so bad!i wished he would have just taken a blanket with him. I know, right? It was all too sudden. Out of nowhere he said: "So, they're gonna be off for a while. What do you want to do?" "Maybe... just maybe... the same thing?". I couldn't believe my ears. I JUST SAID THAT! He laughed for a bit and kissed me. Omg, I never felt so fired up in my life until then. He undressed me, kissed all of my body and gave me an explosive oral sex. I was screaming from all of my lungs. "I WANT YOU INSIDE OF ME!". It didn't took much, and he was throbbing inside my pussy. The pleasure was tremendous and all the pain that I've read about totally inexistent. He came pretty quickly. He smiled, kissed me and then dressed me up. "We wouldn't want want you to get a cold, okay?". Meanwhile, the other couple came back and they decided to head for our homes. "Home? What the hell is home?", I thought. The way back was even more amazing. The sky was full of stars, I was filled with joy, no cares in the whole world. We arrived at my house, I waved a gentle "Goodbye" and ran into the house. That night changed my life. Nowadays, I still look like an inocent, cute girl but inside I'm a woman that loves sex more than anything. This is how I became the woman I am today.

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Laperle: Leaving for a While.

Hello my dear Friends, Followers, Funs. Helo all my Heroes.I am sorry but I have to leave into nowhere for a while. I am not sure how long time it will take but hope you will keep me in your favorits and we will have lot of fun when I'll return. For now I have 2 days to work online. So You will make me happy if will join my chat to say short "see ya" maybe :)My best wishes to all of you.You all will be missed.La.

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Annabelle Hunt: Day 2, Yuhuuuu

Hey all!Day 2 here, and i started to really enjoy the fun :) I've had some great party chats with sweeeet gentleman and not 1, not 2, but 3 very nice and kinky privates. One from Australia, wooow, wouldnt have thought there are fans there too :P I set a tip target for a new pussy toy of me, but it doesnt shows up in my room and no credits went into that - no idea, how to activate it for real. Should it be visible at all? Well, thx for reading and watching me, i log on for a final luck-try :) xxxx

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