Lynne Fox: First Entry

Dear diary,Since this is my first entry I will tell you a bit about myself before we get to the good stuff ;)I am 20yrs old, Love to cosplay, and dream of world travel.I am a burlesque dancer, sing, cook wicked food of all kinds and play video games of the gory type! Some say I will be the perfect wife one day because all of this epicosity is wrapped into one freaky loving natural born red-head

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Tanya Essex: Hot Wife

hello boys im you dream woman as im a naughty wife all alone playing my toys and my self, im tall black hair love to talk or be what ever you want. come play with me ill make you smile all day and nigh.i love comedy and horror movies wild card and like to not play with rules.if i could be famous i would be wonder woman as she is very sexy.i love a bout my self is my lips as they are big and kissable if i won allot of money i would go buy my self a nice home and some horses and be happy and settled for life.

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Charlotte Winthrop: Favorite Animal Series–entry 1

I think penguins are one of the best examples of an animal that should not be adorable, and yet make us squeal! There is something about that goofy expression on their face and the way they cock their head that looks familiar (we've all seen birds do this) and yet is so oddly particular to this fantastic genus. I think the sound they make is both adorable and hilarious. That weird shake of the head they do, like they are trying to wake themselves up--I'm dying inside. Then to watch them struggle across the ice (or, like I saw in a show this morning, through the jungle!) with all the waddling and hopping and falling and belly skating, they're so clumsy, they inspire pity. And then suddenly, they hit the water and become the most swift and graceful of creatures. Their hydrodynamicism is a thing of beauty. In times when we feel not cut out for things...maybe we are penguins who have not yet found the water?

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Lily Minx: My Dream*

She was lying on his huge bed in the dark. The body is relaxed after a hot bath, light perfume, soft music of Frank Sinatra, Indian sandalwood incense-scented and dark, thick soft darkness, which can only be seen ghostly outlines.She felt as he entered the room, but does not open eyes. He quietly sat down on the bed next to her without interfering and saying nothing.She knew that he eagerly and lovingly watching her, enjoying every inch of her body, guessing her every move in the shadows, deep breath.Her lips gently at first, then hungrily dig into his mouth. His hands were gently pressed it to his elastic body. Hips she feels his hard flesh.Like a cat, twisting it goes down, holding firm breasts on his chest and stomach. Her lips slide down. It feels like a tensed his muscles under the skin. She had felt the warmth of his flesh near his face, and he felt her warm breath. He did not hurry - she loves to tease, torment. Closer and closer. Touching lips - groaning, touching the tongue - groan.She feels like into the room comes someone else. Alien, but not dangerous. Other people's lips touch the buttocks round, tongue slips between them. She lifts one leg and her flower in the power of other people's lips and tongue, drinking her intoxicating nectar. But her lips, too, power...Alien, looking up from her lips slide up her back. She grabs him and feels his and his fire. He is, clenched her hand. Slowly, demanding, hard fucks her to the full depth. Between the two men's worlds that pierce her body wild abandon.No one feels the individual all - a whole. With a keen perception, feelings, sensations...

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Vivian Smith: Celebration!

Hello everyone , I'm Christina !!!Today I want to turn your day into a holiday !!!And you on this holiday , the main guests !!!I am a hot brunette with curvaceous : big breasts , firm ass , long legs and beautiful !!!I look forward to strong, beautiful , bold and outspoken men,so you can spank me on the ass , to touch my big breasts.Let's have a party !!!

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Sadie Cumming: My Honeymoon

My ultimate dream honeymoon would be somewhere warm and sunny. There would be an amazing outdoor tub with tropical flowers all around. We would arrive at the hotel suite and pop a bottle of champagne. Next we would feed each other strawberries with whip cream and chocolate. We would be naked or barely clothed for most of the trip enjoying intimate time together pleasing each other with all our erotic fantasies :)

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