Laddie Lynn: Girl Sex

My girlfriend came over about 4 o'clock today we talked for a little bit and watched some TV. We made dinner together but we didn't bother eating because we were both so horny. We went to my bedroom and sat In bed we were listening to Pandora on the television. We laid down facing each other, talking, and she's sweetly leaned in and kissed me on my lips then she kissed me on the face just the way I like it. we started making out and caressing each other and running our fingers through each others hair. We were getting into it then she stood up and took off her shirt then unbuttoned her pants and slipped them off. She was wearing a fuchsia colored bra with a black lacy trim. Her panties were black lace boy shorts. I took off my clothing while she unhooked her bra and removed her panties. I watched her slip her underwear down as her cunt peeked through the top of her panties that she removed slowly. We fucked for only a short time but we were both incredibly satisfied. We made three videos. the first video is of her playing with my g spot using that new steel toy I got. I really like the toy because it hits my g spot just right. As I get more comfortable I'm sure it will bring me to orgasm but for now I squirted a tiny bit and the cum that came from inside of me who was the thick milky white kind. It coated the entire toy. As she removed it from me I could feel the cum leaking from inside of my pussy and down my asshole. It was so hot it felt like it was at least a hundred degrees. The toy was coated and after she took it out she put it in my mouth and made me lick my cum off of it. It tasted so sweet. The next video we made is of me licking her cute little cunt I love to tongue fuck her vagina while my nose Wiggles around on her clit. she loves to have her clit stimulated it brings her to orgasm so quickly. I enjoy licking her pussy so much it's so teeny tiny and adorable I can't get enough of it. She wanted me to use the massage wand on her, she fucking loved it. she was screaming and wiggling around because the 6,000 horsepower is stronger than any toy she has ever used. She asked me to let her control the wand and it freed up my hands to film the last video we made together. In the video I'm sitting between her legs as she has them spread apart, the angle of the camera is looking right at her pussy and up her body, you can see her belly her titties amd her facr. I could tell by her body and voice she is really enjoying the way it makes her feel. her body movements and panting was such a turn on. After about 30 seconds or so of her holding the wand on her cunt just how she likes it she screams and orgasms. She was anxious for me to try the wand but I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as she did and I loved the other toy way more. We are both so tired, after being thoroughly fucked we cuddled in bed for a few minutes before she left.

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Mya Yume: Very Important !

ok, as u probably noticed , im not here as much as i used to be , so THE TIME I AM HERE LET'S MAKE IT BEST TIME , let's not waste that time with free begging , or whatever bla bla - pointless .what i can say for ending in a happy way i LIKE , i luv ya people , I DO REALLY LOVE PEOPLE , but here the reason i am its because of the money , i have huge dreams , i just started a new project and hopefully very soon , to dont be here anymore at all :))) kisses , love ya XOXOXOXO

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Kimmie Kaboom: My Weekend

This weekend we attended Pensacon in our hometown of Pensacola. It was a great event. We meet actor Michael Rooker. I also had a few Kimmie KaBoom fans come up to me. I always love seeing fans in public and asking what there favorite videos are of me. Hope you all had a great weekend! See you on Monday :)Kimmie

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Emily Grace: Sigh

So as some of you know. I'm Brand new to this website. I have a lot to learn and I really don't know what I'm doing. But today I went to the store today and I saw the most beautiful corset I have ever seen. the hardest part is being broke and walking away from something that makes me feel beautifully sexy. sigh maybe someday

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