Brooklynn Ryder: Morning : )

Good morning my loves :)I hope all has been well for you these past few weeks, i have been barely online and wanted to apologize to everyone. On top of moving and much more my laptop decided to crap out on me which made everything so much better.. haha not..But i have a new functioning laptop and over the weekend will just be online here and there and come monday, i will have a fully functioning work schedule that will make it easier to know when i will be online. i plan on pushing everything i have in order to put you as my only priority Xoxolooking forward to catching up, kisses.B.

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Courtney Diamond: Introduction

Hey there, Since i'm new I thought i'd let you guys know what makes me tick. I train kickboxing and MMA with a pro fight card. I'm Courtney Diamond- I love tattoos. My favourite is my tramp stamp. I'm a very open person who is interested in BDSM and is bi-sexual. I LOVE PLEASING. Not only do I love receiving pleasure, nothing gets me off faster then knowing I'm making you feel amazing. I'm an anal virgin, nothing has ever penetrated me that way. I'm a hunter, very outdoorsy. Nothing says fun like some topless fun in the mud or skinny-dipping. Now tell me how I can fulfill your every expectation..

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Daeva Reed: Naught 20 Roll

So lovelies, I have gotten a game idea that I have borrowed (with permission of course) from another model on this site. The name of the game is "Naughty 20 Roll" and the rules are as followed:Tip 25 to roll the 20 sided die to get prizes. Larger single tips get bonuses (e.g. 50 credits = 2 added to roll; 100 = 4; etc.) You may switch your prize for any number lower than the number you rolled if it is less than 15.Prizes:1) Flash of my choice2) Pussy wedgie3) Kiss blown4) Close up of your choice5) 5 Paddle spanks6) Clothes pins pull of your choice7) Wear ball gag for 7 minutes8) Spit on tits and rub in9) Booty Shake10) 10 Paddle spanks11) Blow the Hammer12) Edging with pink vibrator13) Grind up against couch for 5 minutes14) Ice cubes15) 15 Paddle spanks16) Photo in your inbox of my choice17) Photo in your inbox of your choice18) Pick one: 1 month Fan Club (when available), 2 pics of your choice in inbox, pick the amount of paddle spanks, grind against the Great American Challenge (5 minutes), choke self with necklace19) Make any request (no penetration or orgasm as per public chat)20) Direct a party chatNatural 20) Free 10 showWe will be playing this game real soon lovelies.xx Daeva Reed

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Christina Storm: I'm Back!!

After taking a break I am back online. I should be posting a schedule very soon. I miss hanging and chatting with people online. I have been thinking about getting back online for awhile now, but I wasn't sure if I should. Well as you can see I decided to do it. I am thinking that my schedule will be 4 or 5 nights a week, probably in the evening US time. I am hoping that a few of my favorite customers pop into the chat room to say hello. People are telling me to get a facebook and twitter but not sure if I should. What do you think? I am just worried that I would have anything to put on the sites. I know its funny but I am a little shy and am nervous about putting it on facebook. I will be updating my pictures and fan page soon. I never really know what to put on my fan page but I am going to ask some of my model friends to help me. What would you guys like to see on my fan page? Tonight will be my first full night online. Should be a lot of fun I hope. Cant wait to see you guys online soon. Have fun even if it isnt with me.

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Beauty Belle: Overhead Message – My Inner Thoughts

Hey my awesome GREEN team! I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you've been doing over the past two MAJOR holidays - Valentines Day & St. Patricks Day! Yall have made my time online better than ever before! I just wanted to express that to you guys. Let's keep going hard and have the best time ever! #teambeautybelleP.S. NEW CONTENT ON MONDAY, STAY TUNED...Xo Belle

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