Rosie Sparkles: Heeey Daddy(ies)! New Deal!

I'm so glad I started play with you all! I've been quite a naughty girl recently and being spanked by my daddy help me think straight!I have a new deal now :-) It's my first! Popping my cherry hehehehe!So my first three playpartners that used Sparkle_me in private will get 5 free minutes!! But we have to play ten minutes first hehe! But that won't be very difficult, isn't?See you! Lick lick kiss!

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Del Rey: What is the Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done?

I'd have to say -- public sex outside a bar here in Kansas City. We were kinda drunk, this girl and I, and we were having the best night.She shoved me into trees, brought me jello shots she ate out of my chest.. Before we went to the next bar, she called me over in front of my car with a sexy little finger wiggle."I wanna get nasty with you, baby," she said to me.How's a nice girl like me supposed to refuse such a tempting offer like that?As it happens, we had a couple of condoms and we were both horny enough to go.Problem: when your friends find you fucking the girl you're seeing out in public for the first time.Oh well. Just another day in the life of this equal opportunity slut. See you in the chat, sexy.

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Jullye White: Back in Business

Hello, guys! I'm glad to be here again. Some of u will remember me, others won't...The good thing is my life is getting better when I am with u. I still have my loyal members who come to see me and I thank all of u for that! And I would love from now on to find more members like them. U are very special to me. This job is nothing to be ashemed of, it's a job like every other one. The people I met here and I hope I will still meet are nothing like my "friends" in my personal life. Now, I can count my friends on one hand and still have doubt about some. Here, is the escape from reality I need and the place that makes me feel good! Of course, there are a lot of u that don't know me yet, but prepare for a new beginning! Can't wait to spend more time with u again! Kisses, guys!! and thank u again for the great moments we spent and the ones we will spend here!

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Vilona Swan: I Came ))

Today I am here for the first day .i would like to share my impressions. I thought that this site I do not like it, but was pleasantly surprised. It turned out that all mine: Style, design, interiors, how I look, but I liked it all! What is there to argue for. And I hope that you will visit my room, because it means a lot to me. I hope for your support and assistance in this new reality. This is my first blog that I wrote on this site in due course I will try to spend more time on my visitors .I really love you and I'll be glad to see you in my room. Thanks to all . Your dear Vilona .... Kisses )*)*)*

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Trixy Mayers: For Hours !!

I stayed up until dawnFull of desire and love,Possessed vibe creepsWaiting to make love with you.So was I missed youYour skin and fragrant,Love, make love with meAnd quenches my mouth is thirsty.I seething from deep fleshThe desire to link your,Hidden stars and the eyes of the worldTrapped in love we meld.

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Stacy Luxxx: I Want to Be a Cam Star

so although I am no newbie to internet camming, I am new to this site, so far im enjoying it. im hoping to be a star, but not in Hollywood. On the internet. Some may say its a crazy dream but in this technology driven world we live in today, in which people are steadily becoming more open minded, surely my dream is not far fetched. Ive already made soft porn and the digital copies are online, and ive been camming for years! well i guess ill just have to wait and see where this takes me!

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