Jennifer Ivonne: Welcome Guys

I want to welcome all who are my room for me is a pleasure to be able to completely fill your expectations I am a super woman passionate with what I do want you to know that in My find a fiery, passionate woman, and the very best burning.I want to give thanks for visiting I hope to have them more in my room... kisses

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Kacie Rose: Muscle God

okay, so I promised id come back on and go into detail about my weekend. See over the last few months I've been into this really sexy muscle god. Tall tan so friggen big... I mean he had legs trap and arms the size of my head... I'm getting so wet right now thinking about him. plus side he no only has a third leg but loves to be dominate. the sex amazing!! choking smacking telling me hes my master omg he is so perfect... did I mention he webcams and shoots video?? I cannot wait to ride him again

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Aurora Willows: Welcome to My Room!

My Name is Aurora Willows.It is a pleasure to be added to the site to bring you the viewers, the wonderful art of voyeur stimulation.As you enter the room, energy is exchanged, some of you will stop and linger to see if I am what you are searching for. Some of you will sit silent just watching not wanting to break the spell, others will extend their fingers to the key board, wanting to get to know the beautiful creature that appears before them.I know what you are searching for, someone that will stimulate you and help you stir your longing, your desire, your burning need, someone a little bit different then the other girls that are on here.I love that you sit talking with me, getting to know me, watching me while you begin touching yourself. I love that you tease me gifting me with small credits to show your interest in me.. known as "flirting"I love that you want to lead me into the realm of seclusion and to our fantasy room, behind closed doors where you can show me what I really do to you, where you can share with me what you need.I am a voyeur myself, I love watching you stroking your hard cock or using the interactive toys.(I ordered mine yesterday and should be getting it soon.) I am really looking forward to the sensations of touching you without touching you.C2C is the most exhilarating, stimulating thing you can do for me, next to talking on the phone. (which I will add when my first month is up.) Seeing you hard, lost in your own pleasure makes me so horny, my wetness begins to trickle inside and my desire to touch you ignites my own hunger.My orgasms are real, I do provide massive squirt shows using fingers and glass toys if requested, but my real orgasms do not involve squirting at the same time. Real orgasms take a little longer as I have to relax, and I love teasing my clit so that it burns with the desire to have you.Take the time to caress me, kiss me, seduce me with your own desire, together we can penetrate the barrier of distance, as time in this moment, brings us together in a way that only voyeurs of our secret world understand.I look forward to being your dirty cam slut whenever you need me.Cum again and again, as we slowly feed on one another!Welcome to my room, I hope you are ready for a new addiction.Aurora xx

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Bianca Norwood: It's Been a While

Itâs been awhile since I blogged. Itâs coming up on my 3 year cammiversary. So much has changed in those 3 years. Iâve made some life decisions that have affected me greatly! Many of you have noticed that I have lost weight â" 60 pounds to be exact. I have joined the gym and am eating a lot healthier. I had a health situation that prompted this lifestyle change. Iâve grown so much in the past 3 years â" not only physically, but mentally and emotionally! Iâve been on a path to better myself. Itâs been quite the journey. It can sometimes be a struggle to make changes in your life â" but you have to just keep reminding yourself that itâs for the better â" that the end result will be such a positive one â" that in the end, it will all be very much worth it. Iâve been spending more time on F4F. Iâve seen a lot more new people as well as a lot of older guys. I love meeting new people and am happy to have new guys in my room. I recently purchased a toy that YOU can control! Iâve had much success with it! All I have to do is provide you with a link once we go private! Youâre controlling my orgasms! YOUâRE in COMPLETE control!

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Queen Morgan: Humiliation

Do you enjoy or need to be humiliated? Do you need to be told how pathetic and worthless you really are? Degradation is an area that Queen Morgan is fully capable of providing to the Queen's slaves. Queen Morgan may require YOU to write a word or phase on a specific part of your body (showing how loyal you are)

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