Maxie Payne: Day 1…

Well, I survived a super awkward day 1! It wasn't anything like I thought I expected. I was shocked by the forwardness of some! I also encountered some very sweet members who 'showed me the ropes' if you will, and explained membership and some norms to me. I never thought I would be so excited to get back at it tonight! I want to create a way to accept suggestions for the next day's wardrobe/music/fetish much fun!

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Lala Mercedes: Not Tonight

I feel so cliche saying this, but i'm too tired tonight. I won't cam if i can't give 100% and after staying up a bit too late on chat last night and not getting to sleep today, I just don't feel right logging on tonight. Don't miss me too much! Or do and message me about it.Please come see me Saturday night. I'm really excited to be back to play with and for all of you!xoxo

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Demi White: Thats the Newgirl. My Name Is…

DemiWhite Rose. I am a first time fresh face luxury webcam model. I am shy and a bit nervous to start. I have fantasized about filming in adult entertainment, I am getting my toes wet by webcamming. I feel this can be a private yetstimulating way to get exposure and become familiar with the scene. I'm looking forward to some anticipated playtime, thank you kindly to new viewers.XO DemiW.Rose

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Melania Fierce: Day 1 As a Cam Girl….

I got disowned from my family. all i had was a car in my name paid off from stripping and being an escort from a few years ago i had saved up my lap top and phone. So what the hell i started web caming my first week in my car lol after my first check came in i was able to put down on a apt that was more like a temp stay hotel that you can rent for month at a time. this is a new journey for me the first week was crazy full of crazy stories

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Nikki Russo: First Day

Well I'm gearing up for this evening and my first true broadcast, I'm feeling pretty amazing today, a bit nervous but I love people and I love sex so what could be better? I just hooked up my schedule through Saturday I believe so I am very excited to see new faces and get to know some new badassesð'Just getting these real short shorts on with my tight bikini top and over shirt I'm wanting to feel it out, ya know?ð'"ð'but of course willing to be naked if that's what my customer wants... I aim to please and think this is going to be loads of squirting, hot platinum blonde, big tits Fucking Fun! Let's do thidð'£ð'£ð'£ð'

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