April Luv & Ryder Cash: Sorry for the Delay !

Hey to anyone whose out there.. Sorry we havent donne a show yet, we have had some tech difficulties . We are almost ready to get started and then u guys are in for a treat ! We have some new and exciting toys due to arrive in perfect timing for our first broadcast. So be sure to cum back and join us tomorrow for some FUN . Guaranteed good time lie ahead =) see ya soon x0x0 April

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Indigo Paige: Duo Show Status~

Well. It's been a little over a week since I announced I have a friend that will be coming to join me on cam. I've been on the phone with & E-mailing Broadcasting Support all week to get her set up...It's been a little more frustrating than I had hoped. /:...But I'm still doing everything to get her set up to do some strap-on play and other naughty things.

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Christinemiss: For Pay Piggies, Human Atm's, Financial Domination and Spoiling Fetishist

I will tell you few reason why you will CRAVE to give me all your money and RUIN your bank account for me:I am gorgeous, amazing LADY and this is the only way you can draw my attention and smiles, and you do want to make a pretty lady happy don't you? This is your only purpose, your forever job because you are not worthy of something else.You are a PATHETIC WEAK man that craves attention from a beautiful lady and the only to make that happen is PAYING,I know you are sick of feeling such a big responsability on your shoulders and carry all that financial stress,i am makin you a favor, takin all of it on my shoulders, think about it, you shall feel free, released and no stress.You have been feeling out of place, now you have found it, at my feet with your wallet in your mouth,you need this to make you feel better, surrender and spoil me

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Nikki Phayze: So Here's the 411…..

Alright guys! So we have established that I'm not your typical cam girl. I don't think I'm better or less than any person on the planet. I'm me and I'm comfortable in my own skin. If you wanna tip me, Cool! I know I'M WORTH IT! I'm here to have a good time, make friends, and make a little money! Isn't that why you guys come here too? Anyway I've been away and I hate it because I really do miss all of you. You guys have been there for me for some of that happiest moments of my life and some of the hardest times too. I thank all my fans for being there for me in good times and bad.I love you! I just have to leave sometimes because of the jealousy from other models and the drama is boring. I wanna smile and be happy and make you happy too! Lets escape our everyday lives and monotony and have fun together! Isn't that why we are here!??! Sorry for my absence or if I've been rude. People do shitty things to me and it's better if I act like a lady and pull myself away from all that nonsense. I have better things to do with my time and energy, like play with you! So lets try this again and have fun doing it!!

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Luna Grey & Chayan M & Daymer: My Neighbor

He had seen her grow. He had seen evolve from girl to woman. A woman genuinely flag. Rare was the day that I not crossed it on the stairs, the elevator or common areas of residential building where families resided with our respetivas. At first it was merely a girl braids dressed in a green sweater with school crest and plaid pleated skirt school uniform. Petite, quiet, very shy and plain-Jane. Then he grew lanky, but with the same braids, within the same clothes that seemed to grow with it. But it was still shy and quiet, it was impossible to see his eyes, much less smile. Aggravated latter aspect that made orthodontics to permanently close the mouth pursing her lips. It was still a teenage girl with pigtails, school uniform, shy, skinny, lanky, plain-Jane and brackets. One among the crowd of timid teenagers, lanky, ungainly, feuchas and bracketThe I rediscovered, or rather, I began to see as a beautiful girl, with a well-formed body, an impressive tipazo a good day never better. no longer tresses combed not wearing the school uniform impersonal, wore jeans and badly worn and a delicious white blouse. Both were leaving our respective homes, door front door. I smiled, no longer wearing those hideous wires and smile was fresh and bright. His eyes until then always directed toward the ground opened big and happy as two blue gems. It was in the elevator when I first heard his voice, soft, sweet, cheerful and musical. For a moment it seemed one of those impossible women who succeed on the catwalk, or music or movies. A delightful, polite, soft-spoken young and delicate ways. I gave him over to the elevator and in the vicinity of the cabin I could feel the pleasant scent, literally clean, like a flower gave off all her skin. A sharp blow overbalanced slightly cabin for a second energy left and we were a few centimeters from the last stop. I think it was due to the sudden stop that leaned on me as seeking refuge.'Do not panic' I said in a voice that would be safe.-I'm not frightened. she said with a sweet voice that sounded sensual.In a few seconds the elevator down to the requested stop and opened the doors. She came before me, offering the wonderful show impressive figure.Already from the porch of the gate, he turned to me and blew a kiss with his hand, then lifted shaking and giving me a goodbye that tasted like greeting.-Up Soon as she left neighbor Said light as the breeze.All day I could not take me to the delicious young head. I even seemed to see her several times on the street.

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Elia Anderson: Hello

Hey my dears! Because this is my 1st entire, i will start introduce myself for you to know me better.i am 31 years old, single.I have joined this site hoping to meet new friends around the world and why not, this it has to be a big opportunity for me to have fun and win big :D

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