Valentina Black: All over My Neck

Hey Guys...I was thinking about cock today and thought I'd share. I had one in my hand this morning. It was so fucking hard. I wanted to just put it in my mouth to taste it. But like a good girl ...I didn't. I continued to stroke it. Softly at first. Just gently working it. Sliding my tiny fingers up and down the shaft over and over. I could feel the veins bulging. I spat on it, tugging and jerking that head. So hard for me. I couldn't help myself. I had to put it in my soaking mouth. Just once and it tasted so good. I got it harder. I spanked it all over my breasts, Rubbing that pre cum all over my nipples and squeezing it in between. More spit, sliding my soft skin up and down that cock. Suddenly I could feel the hot warm goo exploding all over my neck.

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Taming Trixie: Dirty Dungeons & Dragons

If you've been in my room on cam, you probably know about my game: Dirty DnD (Dungeons and Dragons)! In this game, you can tip 50 credits to roll a 20-sided die in order to win one of 21 prizes! You are not limited to just the number you roll, but you can choose any number 1-the number you roll!You can also increase your odds of getting a better number by get bonuses added to your roll! Tip an extra 50 for a +2 added to your roll. For example, tip 100 and get 1 roll +2, 150 for 1 roll +4, etc.These are the possible prizes (check out the awesome high number prizes!!):1-flash of my choice2-booty jiggle with panties3-hand bra dance4-give myself a wedgie up close to cam5-extended flash your choice6-suck my fingers7-two clothes pins in location of your choice8-5 paddle spanks each cheek9- pinch and twist nipples10-blow a dildo11-drool on tits and rub12-4 clothes pins in location of your choice13-5 hard pussy slaps14-10 paddle spanks each cheek15-extra sloppy dildo bj16: Pick 1: my snapchat, 1 mo fan club, or all my photos17-Pick 1: my snapchat, 1 mo fan club, or 5 videos18-Pick 1: my snap chat, 1 mo fan club, or 10 videos19-Make a Request! (No cum or penetration)20+-5 minute custom video (Can only be obtained with bonuses)Natural 20: Party Chat Cum show, you directLastly, ask me about my LIVE DnD campaign where you and 4 other adventurers can save me from a horny dragon (featuring a Bad Dragon cumming dildo!), win prizes, and get exclusive content! Tickets are 1200 credits and I schedule the event according to your preferences. :) Feel free to ask me any questions or send feedback! As always, reviews are appreciated :)Meow,Trixie

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April Luv: Just Can't Wait…

My fiance Ryder Cash and I have been working so hard for about 2 weeks about in order to get our duo account up and running smoothly. We want to be on our first week of broadcasting as much as possible so we get the feeling for the site as well as start to get known our viewers better, start making some fans, and having a good time with all of you. We were able to broadcast in a chat room once so far and since my brand new hd camera can't be th r prob it's gotta be my computer.. not even a year old HP laptop with Windows ten which I HATE. Anyway apparently the virus that started with my finances phone (from those certain his time sites) .. eventually spreading across all 8 devices we own. Yippy! So apparently our video stream is losing connection or freezing, lahhing, Idk it just isn't something I would want to watch myself. So tho many wanted to take us private, I couldn't do that, make customers pay and tip when my video feed isn't perfect. So promise we will be back at it skkner than you know it . Hope the few I've met haven't missed me too much heh ... trying to post some prerecorded stuff tonight

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Kerrie Anna: Birthday Eve

Well so far this week I've been trapped at my remote cabin with -20 temps and failed communication devices...three days I was stuck with no way to call for help and did I mention no heating oil which equals no heat?! Well I am all safe and warm now and HOPING to be able to spend tomorrow with you. Friday the birthday...make me cum. I'll make you cum too. If you don't see me online, take a moment and call me on flirt phone! We can play no matter where the day takes me! Mmmmm looking forward to hearing from you!

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Ginger Madison: Labor Day Weekend 2016

Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day Weekend! I know I did ;)It is always so much fun dressing up in red, white and blue!! I totally rocked a couple different shades of blue lipstick over the weekend... cause, why not? ;-* If you missed my sexy blue lips, no worries, just check out the pictures section on my profile - BONUS: If you join my Fanclub ( you will get to view my nude shots from these photoshoots and you'll also be able to access all of my nudes from upcoming photoshoots... I just love getting all dressed up and taking pictures for you baby ;) AND I also had one hell of a party chat with my loves - I got my OhMiBod virginity taken... and can I just say... OH. MY. GOD! It really hits my spot so good and baby, those tip floods just get me SO wet! Thank you guys!!!! Talk soon :-*xoxo - Ginger Madison

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