Edyn Blair: Changes

We all live in a world of cycles. We experience the phases of the moon, the changes in seasons and the wearing of time on a daily basis. We look back and see memories, lessons or regrets. We look forward and see our dreams, hopes and fears. Changing our world could never be an easy thing to do, nor should it be. As humans we have struggled to become what we are, to define ourselves here on this earth. Now, at the point of social media values and digital companionship we struggle in a new way. Our new world sees us constantly scrutinized, looked over time and time again by peering eyes and valid or vicious comments from those unseen and unknown, they who value the anonymity of the world they have created for themselves in the web of functioning electronics and wi-fi connections.No one knows this more poignantly than the webcam model and those who seek to view her. We find each other. In the vast ocean of fibers and cables and thumbnails. The click, the chat and the speed of interactions which are so faint to start. So brief in their moment of life, yet, we get to know one another.We all have our formalities and rituals for these times, these moments of fantasy and frolic. Of the surreal earthiness of inhuman recognition when you hear a voice or a laugh still separated by screens and miles. Even though many do see the person in front of them so many still are un-understanding, they assume and expect and find flaws and point and jeer. But, for every one of those there are yet hundreds more to exalt and worship. This life, odd as it may be and unfathomable to change as some may see it to be, is life. We are happy, we all feed on each other as beasts feed at the feast and find joy and pleasure intermingled with it all. After all we are built for pleasure. The beauty of the celluloid interactions we thrive on today is that regardless of what pleasure you seek, someone, somewhere will help you to attain it.I live my life here, within reach of your cursor and click, portrayed through the pixels and light in your screen because I want and hope to be the one that sparks your neurons and entices your senses to enrapture you in fantasy. We all seek a change in some way, my hope in changing a life, even simply is to induce a new variety of synapses in the depths of your mind linking you to your happiness. Join me and lets change ourselves together.My love to you in all its complexities,-E

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Cammi Cams: Summer Specials

Hello,Yes I am new to the site but not new to the industry! I have been on cam now for 10 years and I am running 2 summer time specials. 1. If you take me Private for 10 minutes you will get 5 mins FREE! CODE: CCSUMMER2. If you take me Private for 5 minutes you will get 1 min FREE!CODE: 5MINThank you and I hope to see you soon!XoXo - CammiCams

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Summer Sinn: Schedule and Fan Club Updates

Hi Guys, I will be returning after a few weeks off on Sunday Aug 2nd @ 11am for a couple hrs. I have been busy helping family and doing much needed work & updates around my house, as well as many days and nights at the kitty rescue ( it's the super busy season). I will be posting a new schedule Sunday the 2nd as well and be sticking to it best I can, So those of you who have been asking when I'll be on please check out my updated schedule. Great News, I will be working on opening my flirt fan club in the next couple weeks also. I am making new exclusive videos and photo sets for my flirt fan club members only. Joining my fan club will also get you a discount to my live shows as well as free members shows and much much more. I will update you thru a blog post as to when the fan club will be opened, I can't wait. ANY suggestions? If so, please email them to me. You can also follow me on twitter if you are not already, I do tweet my daily hours there as well as my updates to my fan club. Hope to chat with all my awesome friends and make some new ones this week ;] Happy Saturday... Xo

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