Porter Lane & J Steele: 3 Years in the Making!

Roughly 3 years after first setting up an account with F4F, weâre actually going to give the late-night deviants some excitement to file away in the overly-crowded mental database thatâs filled with the same redundant images, themes key-word searches, faded memories of sexual encounters of the past, etc etc. Thereâs a reason Porter Lane has gained several thousand Twitter followers with virtually no shows, updates or posts. When people see her pictures they are immediately attracted. They canât stop wondering what her cunt tastes like, how soft her tits are, how her tongue feels on their cock....I know I wondered all those things when I saw her....and after I fucked her brains out, I can tell you that she is everything you have imagined and more. She embodies everything that men.think of when they fantasize about a sexy, sensual, slutty, classy, intelligent, orgasmic whore who will make you cum 10 different ways before you know what hit you. Iâm going to show you what Iâm talking about as I use every part of her on camera for both your pleasure and mine. Itâs taken us 3 years to connect again. The first time we met we had every intention on broadcasting but were so consumed with fucking each other that couldnât waste the time logging in and setting it up. We wonât make that same mistake tomorrow night as âJSteele Fuck Porter Lane Again!â Tune In @ 9:30 PM Eastern Central Time.

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