Millani Mendez: Let's Give This a Try….

I have been hesitant about starting this webcam thing. For no other reasons than the fact of the unknown. But what is there to fear but fear itself.... Oh so the old saying goes... Let me introduce myself, I'm Millani Mendez, College student majoring in Animal Psychology, so trying out this residual income source in hopes that I will be a success, while working through these many years of schooling yet to come as well as have a fun time. I love attention and I am a natural kinkster....Anyways, ENJOY!!

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Indigo Paige: Duo Show Status~

Well. It's been a little over a week since I announced I have a friend that will be coming to join me on cam. I've been on the phone with & E-mailing Broadcasting Support all week to get her set up...It's been a little more frustrating than I had hoped. /:...But I'm still doing everything to get her set up to do some strap-on play and other naughty things.

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Dakota Rosa: My Fetishes

Hello guys come join my room for a lot of fun. I have a dildo for now. But I will get other toys. I like anal, shower shows, cum, giving bjs. If I could be famous for 24 hours, it would Mariah Carey. Well Mariah has a lot of personality so I would go off if my wardrobe is not how I want it to be. The traits I would desire in my significant other is , he has to be black or Asian. Has to be over five feet.

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Sunkissed Selena: What Am I Doing Here????

Who gets into this type of "work" at my age???? How did I end up doing this???? .....And why am I enjoying it so much????? ........ LOL! Hey, I'm just like a lot of Americans who grew during a time when every generation of Americans was doing better than the previous. It seems our great county hit a plateau somewhere along the way.I found myself in the same quandary as a lot of Americans. Increased living expenses, stagnant wages, increased education costs..... What to do? Tighten the belt (even more)? Dip into the retirement nest egg (so much for retiring...) or find a way to bring in some extra income?Well, it's obvious what I chose. I actually tried a few other gigs before I ended up being a "webcam girl." But there always seemed to be issues with everything I attempted to do: The schedule I was assigned to work conflicted with my other responsibilities. The pay was so low and the distance I was required to travel to the job made it not profitable. Work was available irregularly and then tapered off until no work was available at all.I continued searching for work. I would check a particular website on a regular basis to apply for consumer panels. Those events where you go spend a few hours listening to folks tell you about some new product and then you give your feedback and they give you a check or giftcard and you go back home. This same website always also had ads for websites hiring "models." The ads all proclaimed: "High pay! Work from home! Make your own hours!"Of course I knew what kind of "modeling" this is. Yet, there was something intriguing about it. Initially I thought to myself that if I was young and as pretty and fit as I was 20 years ago, I would probably do it. But now.... no one wants to see a woman my age. But.... then I think about how often I get approached and asked for dates by men (and occasionally women) half my age. Maybe there is an audience out there interested in seeing a woman like me?So I decided to try it.... And guess what???? I kind of enjoy it..... I enjoy chatting with people. I enjoy physically pleasuring myself. I enjoy being seen and complimented. I enjoy the attention that comes with being the "star" of the show. And I enjoy knowing that other people out there are enjoying themselves because of me.

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Petit Lora: What is the Funniest Thing That Has Ever Happened to You?

I might not recall it as the funniest incident ever happened to me, but I would like to share it.It was me and my cousin brother along with my mother. After getting tired and bored, we finally went to the hall where the stalls of other countries were there. We strolled a bit while my mom went to look after some sweaters. We were instructed to come back in 10 minutes.We kept wandering for some time. I was talking to my cousin, but suddenly we heard a scary and loud sound. Alerted by the sound, we rose our heads to see a man walking forward with his back facing us.It didn't take us a moment to start laughing at the man. The eerie sound was that of his BURP. It was quite a loud one. I hadn't heard one like that before.That man, hearing our giggles, turned and asked what the matter was. We kept laughing. He realized the situation and told us something which we still can't forget.He said, "Haste Kyu Ho Beta? Zingadi Mein Bas Khaate Hai, Peete Hai Aur Dakaarte Hai" and went off giving a confused look. That was maybe the only purpose of living for that funny-looking man.(Translation: Why are you laughing, boys? In life, we only eat, drink and burp.)It took us more than 10 minutes to reach my mom. We couldn't even walk, having said our stomach were hurting after laughing so much.

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