Maysa Jade: My First Sextoy

This smaller white toy was the only sex toy I owned for the first year I started to chat as a performer. It was a great investment and I don't regret it. I use it primarly externally, by myself, in bed- but there have been a few ocassions where it's joined me in the shower. When I had boyfriend, I have learned to use it togheter externally when we're having sex in certain positions.However I'm single now.I have to say that is not so big but extremely effective, especially with the diffrent speeds. I was occasionally buzz him with it when i felt horny, to wake him up, but that usually ended in a shriek and me getting tickled or hit with a pillow. Even if his with more speed it had to be quiet - I had a room mate so this way I could use it more discreet, and it's water resistant so I can please myself when I have shower or even in a swimming pool .Truth to be told I got off with this smaller vibrator more times then with my bigger black toy, this made me scream and I think even neighbours heard me how pleased I was .I can lay lazy and turn it on , for sure I end up cuming allover it does all the work and it's nice but it just isn't a real dick. This toy saves my wrist from getting sore or tired. I love the shape and the design. I can use this toy on me and on my sex partner allover from massageing his perineum to my clit. this toy gaved me multiple orgasms.

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Lucille Chase: I Just Come Back from My Holiday

Hello , I am back :) . I just come back from my vacation. I was ten days to the sea , I really love the sea and I am lucky I have a very good friend who live in that area . The sea is giving me peace but in same time is giving me a good mood for sexual things.I am curious what kind of mood or sentiment give to other people the sea. I love to see the sunset and the sunrise , is so nice to look at it how is going slowly down and up , is giving the impression the sun will make a bath :))) hahahhahaha.I am so ten right now , you can see the marks of my bath suit , they look sexy :). For me a ten body is sexy , what is your opinion? I recharge my battery , I took all the energy from the sun and a special mood for orgasms :)So, i hope to see all of you soon and lets plat like crazy people !!!Let's make a challenge , let's see who can cum first and witch orgasm is longer and stronger hahaha, I bet mine!Let's have fun , the summer is not finish yet , and I wish to know where you was and where you spend it and how your holidayKisses bad boys!

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Amber Lilly: Goddess Seduction.. Poems I've Made Myself

The first embraceOf my seduction,And the gentle passionOf her kiss,Quickened my pulse,Electrified me.Her unbuttoning my blouseMet with complianceAnd her hands,As if gloved in velvetSlid across my silken skinMapping my contoursEvery sweep and curve of meI felt her velvet touchOn my breastsTeasing me, pleasing meTingling traversed my spineThen warm breath, soft lipsOn my proud pink tips Before the moist heatOf her warm honey mouth Enveloped meMy mind was in a whirlAs this sensuous girlMade love to meAn unknown sensualityI never knew such a feelingErotic, toe curlingGetting me hot, getting me wet I submitted to herIn guiltless acquiescenceAs she undressed me.Her lips began their journeyKissing their way, to where?Her mouth soft and tenderTraced in kissesAround my ribcage Oh my god, to there Will she kiss me there?My body shivered, quivered.My skin tingledAs I felt her breathOn the soft down of my bellyShould I let her?Should I let her kiss me there?I squirmed beneath herMy head swimmingMy body burned for her,Ached and yearned for herI felt her breathe against my furHer cheek lay against my thighI yielded to the goddessOpened like a portalDelivered myself to herIn all my vulnerabilityAnd she delivered ecstasy

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Savannah Cox: My First Day.

my first day was awesome thank you everyone who joined me and helped me learn. I appreciate all of you even the ones that didnt talk much. I had a good time getting to know a lot of people and I will be on here a lot more hopefully getting to know much more people. I am still nervous :) but less shy than I was so Im ready to try more. thank you again everyone and I cant wait to see and chat more with people. :*

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Linda Garcia: The Relationship of a Teacher with a Brilliant Student

When this happened, Elena had been living with me for six months. The relationship was one of a teacher with a brilliant student-she wanted to learn everything about my business, about herself, and about sex. She started to travel with me to the different conventions, and soon she was designing lingerie so sexy that it could be used to raise the dead from their graves. She had been selling it in the boutique where she worked and I have to say I had never seen Elaine, the boutique's owner, happier in her life.Elena had also made a new circle of friends - most of them coworkers from the boutique or surrounding stores on the mall. One of her friends was Natalia, a comically petite girl that was a high school senior. I say comically petite because this girl was just four and a half feet tall at 18 years of age; she had a type of dwarfism that limited her height but kept her body measures in proportion. When you looked at her, you saw a woman simply scaled down-her figure was perfectly normal, just in a smaller size than women her age. In fact, Natalia was hot. Her small body had curves in all the right places: nice rounded breasts that looked yummy as only a teenager's breasts could be, a firm ass, and a fit body thanks to all the exercise she did as a member of her school's swimming team. I knew this because a few times I accompanied Elena to cheer on Natalia in her competitions. She was a constant visitor in my house and I had gotten used to seeing her cute face, topped with hair dyed in a rainbow of colors (she was supposedly a natural blonde), on the living room floor. I have to admit that secretly I was jealous of whatever high school brat was nailing that cute spinner!One afternoon after dinner, Elena asked me if she could invite Natalia with us on a trip we had planned to Orlando, Florida. We would spend ten days in the Sunshine State promoting Elena's clothing line and she wanted to give Natalia a very special gift for both her high school graduation and birthday. Elena knew her friend was depressed because her parents were going through a nasty divorce and she wanted to leave the house as soon as possible. I didn't know anything about her situation, but I knew from experience that having a birthday in the middle of a family crisis sucked balls so I was OK with Natalia going with us the following weekend. Elena thanked me with one of her slow, sloppy blow jobs which she gave like the expert she had become. After promising Natalia's parents that she would be safe, and that a "responsible adult" (me), was involved in the travel plans, the girls prepared for the trip. My plans were to give them their space, limiting my presence just to scare any possible vulture who would take advantage of them-hey, Elena was still my niece!Once in Orlando, we had a three room villa. The first few days were busy with the three of us promoting the lingerie line during working hours, then in the afternoons the girls would enjoy the pool and shopping malls while I prepared the presentations we would use the next day. Evenings were spent dining in different restaurants from the area. That was our routine for six days. All the work was done by the morning of the seventh day, so we decided to hit the amusement parks. After the requisite thrills, that evening we went to celebrate Natalia's birthday in the fanciest restaurant I could find in Orlando. Back in the villa, we had some wine to continue the celebration. It was Natalia's 18th birthday and although both girls were still not legal for alcohol, a bottle of wine would not be a big issue to them. We continued the celebration until late night and my 40 years began to claim their toll. I was tired after a full week of uninterrupted work and having a last glass of wine, left the girls watching a movie. They were bubbly as usual without being drunk, and I had the keys of the car, so I was confident they wouldn't do anything stupid.I dropped dead on the bed for a few hours and woke up about 4 am. I decided to check on the girls and realized the lights were still on. Besides that, I could hear moans from the living room. My first thought was that the girls had allowed some guys on the villa, and honestly, that pissed me off. Elena's blow job had been ten days before and I had not any other encounter since then-there was a big ass load waiting to get released-and now I was listening people having sex on the villa without me. That was unfair! I turned to the living room, ready to scare the shit out of the guys having fun with the girls, but I stopped on my tracks when I saw the scene happening... I never expected that!There was a porn movie going on the flat screen, but is was nothing compared to the live scene happening in front of my eyes. I could see Elena's pink hair buried between a pair of short legs while a high pitched moan was filling the room. It took me a while to realize that Elena was licking and fingering Natalia's pussy in a 69! The only parts of Natalia's body I could see were her short, tanned legs and glimpses of a completely shaven pussy that seemed to be the most perfect camel toe I had seen in my life. I could see Elena's fingers separating the meaty mound, opening a chance for her tongue to lick her best friend's tiny pussy lips and vulva. She then used the fingers on her free hand to penetrate her friend's hole with one or two fingers. I don't know if it was because Elena's saliva or Natalia's juices, but I could notice the glimmering fingers and the wet ends of Elena's hair. Elena's body was moving as when I fucked her, so I assumed Natalia was fingering her pussy possessively.I did not know Elena had lesbian or bisexual inclinations, but this was the dream of any middle age guy; seeing two barely legal teens having lesbian sex right in the front of my eyes was a great view and almost immediately my neglected cock came to full attention, giving me one of the most powerful erections I ever had. My shorts looked like a Boy Scout's tent and my hand was already caressing the pole under the fabric. I was afraid of making any sound, afraid of breathing, to avoid breaking the magic. Even with all my precautions, Elena saw me and raised her head from the tight hole she was pleasuring. She looked surprised, but before a blink, she was giving me one of her mischievous smiles. Noticing the tent on my shorts, she signaled me to get closer and motioned for me to fuck her friend. Somehow, I took off my shorts without making a ruckus and got in position right in front of the smallest pussy I had seen as an adult. Elena put my erection inside her mouth to help with the lubrication-even though I was already leaking pre-cum and Natalia's pussy could not be wetter-and holding my cock, she aimed at the pussy that just a few hours ago was completely prohibited to me."Oh, Uncle, thanks for joining us!" she said aloud before guiding me to her friend's dripping wet pussy. Natalia reacted with surprise when she heard Elena's voice, but as soon she felt a hard cock inside her tiny pussy, she became a sexual beast, screaming me to fuck her like the woman she was!Knowing her tight body was off limits just a few hours earlier, and realizing she wanted, to be fucked was all the invitation I needed. I grabbed her waist and began jackhammering her as if our lives depended on it. Elena was still on top of her friend, so she went back between her legs and concentrated her efforts on the area where my cock and Natalia's pussy met. We were receiving constant stimulation: my hard cock inside a tight pussy that was milking it and Elena's expert tongue bathing and licking our pleasure organs. It was too much for both of us and soon I felt Natalia tensing her petite body and arching her back into a powerful orgasm that sent me over the edge. I removed my cock from her pussy just in time for Elena to put it in her mouth and receive what seemed a gallon of hot cum. When I had shot the last drop of my load, Elena turn around to face her friend and opened her delicate lips. If I had not seen it myself, I could not believe that my niece was feeding my fresh load to her BFF. The snowballing ended with a deep kiss between them that was so hot my cock simply stayed hard as a rock.Breaking the kiss, Natalia saw my still erect cock and said she wanted more cum; but before she could get any closer to me, Elena stopped her and said she still needed to cum. Right away, Elena offered her sweet pussy to me and without hesitation, I impaled her from behind. Natalia seemed to be surprised by the events, but recovered faster than lighting by resuming a 69 position, with her head now under my balls. Soon, I felt her mouth kissing, licking, and sucking my balls while I gave Elena the pounding she deserved. Elena was building an orgasm, pushing her round ass against me at each stroke. After a few minutes, I felt her body shaking with such a powerful orgasm that it pushed me back, and I am not a tiny guy! Elena removed from my cock and I sat on the living room sofa. Before anyone could say or do anything, Natalia was hovering above my lap."I said I wanted more of this, if you don't mind...," she said while grabbing my cock and sitting on it.If fucking her missionary was fantastic, having her riding me was a religious experience! Her small body felt like I was fucking a living sex doll. She was so light that I grabbed her toned ass and basically used her as I would use a doll. I controlled her pacing, sucked her rounded nipples, her lips, and wondered how massive my cock looked when inserted inside her pussy. I could feel her pussy muscles trying to milk my rod, so I increased my speed. It felt like a century, but we did not care. Natalia was grunting, biting my shoulders, scratching my back, and having orgasm after orgasm. My cock felt bigger and heavier than ever and her pussy was so wet with our fluids that I wanted to fuck this doll forever. But forever is a long time and after the third (or fourth) orgasm from Natalia, I felt my own coming. Understanding it, she removed from my cock and knelt between my legs, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue to receive my load. I complied, shooting another fat load on her tongue, over her face and even over her breasts. I hate to brag, but I bathed her in cum!Elena took Natalia to the bathroom to get cleaned while I turned off the lights and the TV. It was already sunny outside-we had been fucking for two or three hours! I went to my bathroom and cleaned myself and when I returned to my bedroom, I found both girls completely naked, with their hair wet, smiling at me. Natalia stood up and hugged me, thanking me for the birthday presents. I was confused and tired, but my cock was already getting turgid, something Natalia noticed right away."Damn! What the hell you feed that guy?!" she asked, seeing how my cock got hard again right in front of her face.Elena laughed and answered that it was fed with teenage pussies. She motioned me to bed and I lied on my back, allowing two horny girls to attend my erection. They licked it, kissed it, and sucked it in turns. One would work the cock, the other would massage my balls. They were worshiping my little friend and to be honest, it felt great. After a while, Natalia received a small, fresh load inside her mouth, which she swallowed with gusto. After all that sex, the three of us slept together naked on the bed until it was time for lunch.I don't have to say that we spent the remaining days of our trip having sex in all the possible combinations between a guy and two horny girls.When we returned to New York, Natalia kept visiting my house until her parent's divorce. A few months after the divorce, she decided to go to college in California, but she remains in contact with both of us to today.

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Tj Sunrise: My First Night Online

Hi Everyone!Last night was my first night online! I have to say, during that one hour, yes only ONE hour I was online, the interest and people were amazing! As you can tell, I LOVE to dance. I felt so free in front of the camera. The things I am too shy to do in person, I can do on here, and I get a complete rush. I always knew that I wanted to do explore all of my fantasies and desires in front of you guys. I love being sexy and showing my body. I don't need to put on a game face, I am actually having a lot of fun. I have ordered some new sex toys. A mini massager and a purple gel-like vibrating dildo. I can't wait to use these in front of you for the first time. We will open the box together and test them out together!The thing about me, is that I think I was made for the camera. I love being in front of it. I get a high. Maybe it is because of my personality - or the fact that I like to be watched, but being outgoing has always been one of my personal traits. Being in drama and acting classes while I was in school may have been a major part of it. On a personal note, I have never been with a man who wanted to experiment or explor with me. Maybe I was at one time, and I wasn't interested...all I know is that I save that side of me for those who appreciate it. I know all of you will appreciate it!Thank you for reading and I can't wait to continue this journey with YOU!!!! xoxooxox

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Brie Bella: Always a Great Day

I have such a great fan base and I am completely new to this. So many of my regular fans always come back and it puts a huge smile on my face. It's fun when I get to go private with someone and they just want to talk about comic books, sports or the latest movies. I have had so many people come back just because they said they love to talk to me about anything and everything. I always try my best and be real as I can be. My fans make me feel so good about myself and I love it when I can make them feel even better... in different ways. Always thank full for my fans because if I didn't have them I would not have been able to start a fan club! Which I was really excited about. My fans make me feel so sexy and want me to be sexier for them.I always leave Flirt4Free with a smile on my face and in a good mood. Any time some random jerk comes in my chat room my fans stick up for me and that's all I can ask for!!!! It amazes how some people come on here and think all the models are dumb or not well educated. Think twice before you come to chat with me haha. I majored in forensic anthropology and was a networking engineer, which consists of designing cell phone data and networking sites for a certain carrier. Thank you to all my fans who have been great to me, I will always be great to you!!!!!

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Arnella Duvale: Spanish Teacher Gives a Reward

A long time ago I received a reward for being the best student in my class. I'll never forget that reward. My teacher was always barefoot in the classroom, which really turned me on. The final day of class she informed me that I got a reward. I came to her classroom for my reward and as I walked in she locked the door!I asked her what my reward was for and she said, "For being my best student, you get to have the whole evening to do whatever you want to me!"Hearing this I got turned on real quick.Immediately I told her to strip her clothes off, and what a sight it was to see her 5′ 4″ body naked, her brunette hair, trimmed pussy, firm ass, size 7 feet, and her gorgeous 36DD breasts. I began by sitting down and licking her soles for twenty minutes, cleaning each foot and every toe. Next, I removed my pants and had her suck my 8″ cut cock until it was nice and wet. Then after a while she gave me a footjob, but the time soon came for the real fun.I told her to lean over her desk. I grabbed some Vaseline and lined my dick up with her tight virgin asshole and I slowly began to push.She said, "Please be careful, I've never been fucked there."I began to pump faster and faster as I stretched her hole. Her tight hole felt so amazing that I could feel my orgasm coming, so I immediately pulled out and went into her pussy.I told her, "I don't care what happens when I do this, but I am going to fill your pussy with my cum!"She replied, "Ok, whatever you want!"I shot 10 big spurts of cum inside her. Afterward we made out as I played with her tits, and in the last half hour I gave her a nice big load

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Brandi Belle: Hey Boys!

Im going to be coming back to Flirt4Free starting the 18th! :) Sorry I havent been online! Ive been doing a lot of other stuff and trying to prepare for moving at the end of the year/beginning of next! Hopefully I do well on here and we can make it a regular thing! :) Tell your friends! This could be fun for all of us! :) Also, dont forget to add me on TWITTER! @thebrandibelle !LoveBrandi

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