Bonnie Cooper: 9 Tattoos and Counting…

What seems to be fascinating enough to allure you into my chamber immediately upon noticing me? Is it my seductive eyes? Is it my provocative lips? Defiantly a possibility! A commonly asked question is "how many tattoos do you have?" "What does that tattoo mean?" Well, needless to say, this doesn't shock me because I have a total of nine tattoos. I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday and ever since then I became addicted to everything about it. I kept going back at least every six months to a year to get myself more ink. It has now been a little over one year since I have gotten fresh ink, but I have one last idea that will put a closing to my parlor trips. March 1st 2010 was the first time I went and got inked and I had decided to get two in the same trip. I guess I was thinking go big or go home. I got a daisy on my foot and a pieces sign behind my ear. Not long after that I felt an addiction coming on. May 2010 I went back and got an Indian elephant on my calf. I then waited a little longer this time and on New Year's Eve 2010 I got the hand of Fatima on my inner bicep. Again I waited a little bit, than I felt that urge again and had to go back for a bigger piece. It was August of 2011 and this time I got a beautiful sugar skull on my shoulder and down arm. As hard as it is to believe I waited again until October of 2012 to get my next tattoo, but after waiting so long I decided to go big or go home again. I got two again, a Local for Life on my other calf with the coordinates of the lake I grew up on, and a water wave on my middle finger. Then again, another tattoo on my birthday! This time it was March 1st 2013, my 21st birthday! I got a big feather in the middle on my neck that runs down from my hair line to the middle of my shoulder blades on my spine. At this point I thought I was done getting inked up, I felt like I had enough and didn't need anymore. But then lastly, but definitely not least, in May 2014, I got the very most meaningful tattoo. I have a hand on my heart, but not just any hand, the most precious hand in the world. I do now have one more idea for a piece, but am not sure quite where to put it at yet, any ideas?Bonnie Cooper -xo

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Leanna Mason: Mzzzleanna About Me

For those of you who haven't gotten a chance to get to know me, I am a very sexual being and very open minded. I seem to accept a lot of things sexually in a person no matter what the fantasy. I believe if you are real enough and honest enough with me, then I will give you my undivided attention and share in the pleasure and ecstasy of it all with you. Don't ask me if your fantasy is weird or if it makes you look like a geek or if it s strange or gross because the fact that you told me and trusted me me with it turns me on and made me hot therefore the top of my charts no matter how it looks to anyone else.

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Ginnie Jo: I Am That Girlfriend You Wish You Had.

You read that right, I am the girlfriend that you wish you had. The girl that can hang out with the guys and watch football while drinking some beers. I am that girl who can hang with the guys and make dirty jokes that will blow their socks off. I am that girl who is always horny and is ready at a moments notice. I am the girlfriend you wish you had!I am that girl who doesn't start needless drama. I am that girl who you can take shopping and watch me try on that sexy lingerie that I plan on wearing for you later. I am that girl who can sit for hours and have endless conversations about anything and everything.I see many other cam models on other sites who are just sitting there just wanting your money. Granted, yes you spending credits does determine if I can make my car payment each month, but I also want more. I want my time here with you to be enjoyable for both of us! Who likes to watch someone sit there bored out of their mind waiting for someone to go private.I'll talk to you, I will make you fell that you are important, why? Because you are!I hope to see you in my room!Muah!

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Summir Rose: Sex Drive!!!

Omg my sex drive is becoming me all I want to do is fuck or sext if I cant find a special friend.. What is wrong with me 24/7 sex is all I can think about its like i'm a sex addict. I'm single so I don't have anyone here that I can just fuck whenever haha that would be nice. Instead I spend all day and night getting my self off. God it feels so good and its the only thing I can do to help me fall asleep. The things that go thru my head... The sexual pleasures I want done to me drive my mind crazy.. If I tell any one they will think I'm crazy and a freak but baby I am.. I will be your sex slave let u do as u please just tie me up and blindfold me and i'll be in heaven as you have your way with me. Let me squirt my sweet pussy juice all over u as I scream with passion and pleasure. Then when my pussy is beat to fuck u bring me to my knees and fuck my face. I take all of u down my throat as u make me gag and me eyes water but god you love it. You try hard to make me puke as you grab my hair and bring me close and as your about to cum you wonder should I make her swallow it or give her a facial...

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Kitty Katey: Love

Love is all around me in everything that I see! Love is here for you and me. When I wake up I love to see your face on my pillow I love to hear you talk and sing. I love that you are in the mood and I love that too! There are so many things that I would love to tell you ! If you would only listen to the words that are coming out of my month I love when you come see me in When do you want me to have you is there any way you could tell me what it is that you want I would be happy if you told me I love you and you love me my chat room thank you for loving me ! I appreciate everything that you do for me and one day I most certainly will return the favor so please come and see me in my chat room I think that you will love what you see for sure! There are so many things that we need to focus our attention on if at all possible So love the trees and love my breasts please! thank you

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Lianna Mendez: Swingers Party

I went to the AEE after parties this weekend and I went to the best party!!!! First off I met this cute guy at the AEE convention and he took me to the craziest party ever. I thought I was crazy for hooking up for a 1 nighter in Vegas but we went to a swinger party. First off if you're not into this life it is probably because you never knew it could be like this! A swinger party isn't all orgies and shit it's dancing and drinking and hanging with the coolest people! It's how a club should be. Get worked up and get laid!I watched the most beautiful people fuck and suck right in front of me. I saw wives and husbands swap for the night and enjoy themselves. I saw it all and just took it all in. (Not in that way pervert ;) at least that night). I hooked up with the hottest girl! Her name was M and she had the sexiest titties! We made out while in lingerie while her husband watched me spank her. He just watched us roll around in bed and get naked and slutty. It was so hot to bed watched by a room full of people. I had so much fun I had to go back the next night and there were even more beautiful people in this party!I have a naughty confession. I've never had sex in front of people in the same room. I know we do this here but it was different. I blew this guy while he sat on the couch. I had a crowd watching me. He took me to the bed and started eating me out. Then this other couple started going at it right next to us!I stripped this guy naked and started riding him. It was so hot to see everyone watching me get fucked. Right in the middle I started making out with the girl next to me while she's getting pounded and it was so hot. Her guy was watching my tits while he was pounding her out. A big thanks to T and H of Swingtopia. I will be seeing you next year ladies!!!

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Blake Parker: Motivational Blah Blah Blah!!!

To the question of your life, you are the answer and to the problems of your life, you are the solution. More often than not we tend to search too hard and place blame in the wrong places. Everything we need to be great and do great things lies within. Life just seems to have a tighter grip than we realize at times and gets the better of us all. Sometimes we need a little help from others to illuminate our dark path. Be the glow worm (I used to have a stuffed animal that was called a glow worm when I was little! My FAV) for someone that may need a slight nudge to continue their chosen path. Be someones divine angel for the day! It will change both your lives for the better! I am grateful each day to be given the chance to improve my humility and achieve more greatness than the day before! So thankful for the abundance and prosperity that continually flow like water into my life and enable me to manifest my dreams! Life is beautiful and life is what you think it is! So create a bountiful and energetic life!Much Love,Blake xxoo

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Remy Monroe: Whats Your View on Relationships?

I have a lot of views on relationships. Anyone can be in a relationship. But only the strong survive. Those involved should bring love, trust,and deep caring for the other person's feelings. If you are living in the right time and place then a relationship can be a very happy addition to your life. When a relationship gets to a certain point of consistent negativity it becomes more detrimental to both parties than beneficial. Relationships teaches you how to be mature, and is a wonderful feeling when somebody likes you. They are fun and good if you're with the right person. Relationships are work so i believe if you are going to take time to commit, it has to be with someone worth your time.

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