Lara Rioz: Quarantine Time.

I could say, it is a big challenge for the people around the world, this situation show us to each other who really we are, I dont see this like an obstacle, This forces us to change out of our comfort zone, I see it as an opportunity to be better. now Im sure we can go out of this, and be grateful with the life. This time of change brought to me great people and keep my friends closer, thanks to my friends for write me everyday, for your support and time. thanks for be into my life.

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Carol & Phil: Our First Threesome

My boyfriend and I have been together for some time now and that takes some wear in the sexual area. At the beginning, we had sex more than once a night. He longed to feel him in me and the thought of having him beside me excited me a lot. Eventually all this was changing, our sex life became very monotonous and boring. Although I still picked up very rich and came to have multiple orgasms, I needed something new in my life. Something like an adventure, something to excite me again and make the girl hot it was.So my boyfriend and I decided it was time to make a change. We came up with the idea of ââhaving a threesome, which I thought was great as I heard. One night we went out for drinks with friends, among them was a friend of mine who was always something I wanted to kiss taken.After a drink, we went to a nightclub. There things escalated, my friend and I had already taken a bit, but we still aware of our actions. She asked me to accompany him to the bathroom and I did. When we were there, she closed the door hard and started kissing me. By his way of kissing me, I noticed that she was very hot. Suddenly I felt his hand on my crotch and it made me a thousand. But I wanted to share it with my boyfriend, so I told her that if she was patient, the night would be even better. So it wasâ¦We were a little longer at the club, she danced with my boyfriend and I get very excited to see how she moved while supporting his hard cock against her ass. I also danced in the midst, he supported his cock against my ass and she kissed me very intensely. Everyone looked at us and that excited me even more. The current situation rose in the disco so we decided to go to the department to continue the party.Once home, we were three very excited. She started kissing me in a very hot, his hands ran through my body and began to undress slowly. When the two were naked, she kissed my neck (which excites me too) and was down to reach my vagina. My boyfriend watching us and masturbated. She began to put his tongue in my vagina and stimulate my clitoris with your fingers. The feel down there I went crazy, I ended up in his mouth. And so I proceeded to lick her vagina, she knew delicious. Their juices in my mouth loved me, I put my fingers and started moving slowly. Then I sped up a bit as he sucked the clitoris and she ended up in my mouth.My boyfriend was watching us and get too excited, so we decided to reward good blowjob. I took his cock and she took her eggs. My tongue went through her delicious penis, fast and deep, I got it down her throat. He was already about to end, but before that happens, I got four so he put me that cock rich yours. I slipped it quickly and began to move, my friend got me down to lick my clitoris while my boyfriend penetrated me quickly. He took me by the waist to penetrate deeper, I wanted more and more. I grabbed a hair and gave me a spanking that made me very hot and made me moan very hard for him to rest me hard. I had a delicious orgasm. For my friend to come again, she got on top of him while I kissed her and my fingers were on her clitoris to have a good orgasm. Her nipples rubbed mine and it felt delicious, my boyfriend grabbed us and biting her nipples while my friend I rode hard and fast. My boyfriend got my fingers and my friend and I just got together. At that time, my boyfriend pulled the penis from the vagina of my friend and came into our chests. We were soaked their milk rich, but very satisfied.It was an unforgettable night.

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